Product designer at Huge. Photo taker. Animation maker. Code tinkerer. Kitten dad. Outdoors enjoyer. Human being in Brooklyn. Holder of a bachelor of design degree from Penn State. This website is a personal playground of things that I'm not working on when at work.

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Hello world

02/15/17 – words


01/10/17 – animation

Huge albums of the year

01/01/17 – design code featured

Line play

12/20/16 – animation

The never ending cat post

12/19/16 – photo

Table tennis social club

12/18/16 – design

Bay area #3

11/10/16 – photo featured


11/04/16 – animation code


10/27/16 – animation

Giphy loop dreams

10/02/16 – photo


09/22/16 – design animation

Animated albums

09/15/16 – animation

Assorted loops

09/01/16 – animation

Flower of life

08/27/16 – animation


08/26/16 – animation

The Rocky Mountains

07/29/16 – photo


07/03/16 – animation


05/26/16 – photo


04/28/16 – animation

Logo explorations

04/17/16 – animation

Galactic eggs

01/18/16 – animation

New England

01/01/16 – photo

Bay area visit

11/22/15 – photo

One Second * Everyday

06/01/15 – video photo featured code

Dark Igloo

06/01/15 – design photo

Self-E-Wear @ F5

04/26/15 – design photo featured

Park City

03/02/15 – photo


01/27/15 – photo

Harriman State Park

11/18/14 – photo

First annual bay area visit

09/26/14 – photo

Welcome to Brooklyn

07/14/14 – photo

New Zealand

06/06/14 – photo

The Follies

05/02/14 – video code design

Nrml Mag

04/28/14 – design featured photo

Masked Musicians

04/14/14 – design code

Assorted posters

03/23/14 – design photo


03/02/14 – design photo


10/02/13 – design code video



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Hello world

Welcome to my new site. This is your first post. Edit it or delete it, then start blogging! There was a little of bit of internal struggling making this (I deleted the project folder at least a few times) and, around the holidays, I switched away from the more traditional curated portfolio that this was before and into a bloggier format (so 2014). The posts on here are going to stay fairly casual, showing design scraps, loops, photos, and...stuff. So far it's been backfilled through senior year of college (also 2014), go ahead and take a scroll. 👋

Huge albums of the year

Huge Mixtape is a chatroom that I'm a part of at Huge where a small group of music-enthusiasts share tunes all day everyday. A few days before the end of the year, José Gasparian (@zefelipe) and I had the idea to create a site that wraps up our favorite releases of the year. Fast forward a few days and we had created (José mostly leading the design, myself handling most of the code) a site that expanded to collect album choices from Huge employees around the world in an office-wide poll. The site immediately took off, accumulating upwards of 35,000 page views and making its way to both the #1 & #2 spots of Muzli. Check out the site at

Line play

Wiggle wiggle with it. I'm all about procrastinating (in this particular case, the procrastination was from building this site) and getting side-tracked/creative boosts out of simple geometric looping animations. The process for these quick ones usually lives entirely within After Effects, created without any original aim in mind.

The never ending cat post

At the very end of September 2014, the lads at Bainbridge took in two extremely tiny (like 3-weeks-old-tiny) kittens that were found as part of a litter of four in a coworkers back yard. As a cat-curious person confronted with the two cutest things ever, not taking the two of them in was out of the question and I quickly turned into an overly-obsessive cat dad (or roommate, depending on how you look at it) to Meagan and Ashe. After a rough start of malnourishment, worms, and fleas, the two ladies healed right up and became the center of my life-happiness.

This post is going to be a continuously expanding scroll through my cats' lives, so uh, be sure to check back every once in a while as they grow up.

Table tennis social club

Does this count as an homage? Disclaimers out to Anti Social Social Club, ofc. Huge Ping Pong wanted to be hip too, so I made these knock-offs following our end of the year tourney at Fat Cat. A large-sized thanks goes out to Huge for being really cool and throwing us money for valuable business-uses like this! Photos of the squad taken by Erica.

Bay area #3

Trip number three to visit the homies (Ian & Bree) out West! Coming back to the colder East coast afterwards is a little harder each flight. This visit included a drive down to the many dope coast spots of Big Sur, as well as north of San Francisco to hike around Mount Tam. I didn't prepare well and brought a camera that died at the start of day two, but Ian was a good enough friend to let me borrow his for the rest of the trip 🙏. Music credits in this highlights video to the ever-addicting Twin Peaks.


A code experiment counting down from 9 to 0 using the same 10 dots to create each digit (some numbers fudge this a bit by overlaying dots). I built this using mostly just css, with js being used to trigger class changes on keystrokes. Play around with the page by smashing around on your number keys: open countdown


My little ghost guy submission for 2016's Gif-o-ween, thrown by Animation Block Party and Giphy. The party called to "get spooky, scary, creepy, and kooky with your GIF-making". It wasn't among the winners, but hey what can ya do. 👻

Giphy loop dreams

Headlines screamed "GIPHY'S LOOP DREAMS EXHIBIT IS THE INTERNET IN PHYSICAL FORM" or "GIFS IRL WILL MAKE ALL YOUR MEMES COME TRUE". Lots of things were said, capital used, and gifs created. Dark Igloo / Giphy reached out to me to shoot photos and videos of both the private party and public launch of Loop Dreams, the world's first gif gallery in SoHo at 201 Mulberry featuring installations by 25 of Giphy's artists. Gif curation by Giphy, event branding and design by the homies at Dark Igloo.

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