Senior product designer at Giphy. Photo taker. Animation maker. Code tinkerer. Kitten dad. Outdoors enjoyer. Human being in Brooklyn. Holder of a bachelor of design degree from Penn State. This website is a personal playground of things that I'm not working on when at work.

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Bridge moods

03/28/17 – photo

Wild Child

03/27/17 – animation

Animated Ink

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Animated albums

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Hello world

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Huge albums of the year

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Line play

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The never ending cat post

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Table tennis social club

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Bay area #3

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Giphy loop dreams

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Flower of life

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The Rocky Mountains

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04/28/16 – animation

Logo explorations

04/17/16 – animation

Galactic eggs

01/18/16 – animation

New England

01/01/16 – photo

Bay area visit

11/22/15 – photo

One Second * Everyday

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Dark Igloo

06/01/15 – design photo

Self-E-Wear @ F5

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Park City

03/02/15 – photo


01/27/15 – photo

Harriman State Park

11/18/14 – photo

First annual bay area visit

09/26/14 – photo

Welcome to Brooklyn

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New Zealand

06/06/14 – photo

The Follies

05/02/14 – video code design

Nrml Mag

04/28/14 – design featured photo

Masked Musicians

04/14/14 – design code

Assorted posters

03/23/14 – design photo


03/02/14 – design photo


10/02/13 – design code video



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Showing just animation.

Wild Child

No description necessary? Or at least no description available. Rendered at 6.66fps.

Animated Ink

They're probably not too far off in the future, right? Ever since Rob Banks over at East River Tattoo stamped a New England lighthouse scene onto my forearm last May, I've been itching to bring it alive in After Effects. This is probably the most time or detail I've put into an illustration/animation before (Illustrator feels like a far distant beast from my college studio days)... I started out in November but promptly forgot about it for a bit while making this site. Many little bits and pieces to this one scattering the post. Oh, and apologies for the for-sure-stuttering that this page probably has for those of you with slower internet connections...working on improvements!

Animated albums

This project is very still in-progress, but I've officially hopped aboard the "let's animate our favorite albums" train. It's always been something on my list of things to eventually make, but hearing Odesza speak at Moogfest this past Spring about their creative process is what finally inspired me to actually start (and is also why Odesza's "In Return" is the first that I animated). More covers to come! These are obviously more of an exercise in animation than design, but I'd like to use them to push character-related After Effects skill-sets.

Line play

Wiggle wiggle with it. I'm all about procrastinating (in this particular case, the procrastination was from building this site) and getting side-tracked/creative boosts out of simple geometric looping animations. The process for these quick ones usually lives entirely within After Effects, created without any original aim in mind.


A code experiment counting down from 9 to 0 using the same 10 dots to create each digit (some numbers fudge this a bit by overlaying dots). I built this using mostly just css, with js being used to trigger class changes on keystrokes. Play around with the page by smashing around on your number keys: open countdown


My little ghost guy submission for 2016's Gif-o-ween, thrown by Animation Block Party and Giphy. The party called to "get spooky, scary, creepy, and kooky with your GIF-making". It wasn't among the winners, but hey what can ya do. 👻


ListenIn is a rebranding of a concept for a client that got abandoned a month or so into the build (budget reasons). It's a social listening app (all of the rage in 2016) that lets users broadcast or listen in (get it?) to their friend's and favorite artist's streams, just by signing in with a Spotify and/or Soundcloud account. Listeners are able to browse and follow their friend's profiles, as well as travel backwards through time to listen to past streams. I messed up sometime in the last year and accidentally deleted the redesign's source files, so everything here is screengrabbed from a prototype of the app hierarchy...holy-quality-loss-batman. Oh, and sorry for the NSFW old folks cover, was really feeling The Hotelier while making this (and still am).

Assorted loops

Here lies everything not deserving of its own post, a whole mishmash of of looping things. Bunch of weird shit, honestly.

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