I have a stubborn tradition of trying to put out a portfolio redesign every new year or two, and have so far deleted and started from scratch in 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, and now 2017, which has been in the works since November or so. Feel like you've missed out? Don't worry, the old sites can still be seen here: /old, here: /old/old, or here: /old/old/old/.

I like to think they maybe are getting better? Or at least more tastefully annoying? Β―\(ツ)/Β―

A few zany and dumb apple clips were used to spam the site to my faithful Instagram followers.

The site was built using Kirby, a lightweight & flexible file-based CMS. I started off building it in Wordpress, but on a late-Friday-night whim I deleted that code and dug into Kirby instead. It’s fun! Got a chance to learn a fair amount of php, which was still fairly unchartered territory to me. The admin panel is styled to match the site, but posts can easily be made using text files.

I spent a really stupid amount of time making this site elegantly obnoxious. Take the convoluted and lengthy code solely for the hover dimming effect. Thanks, Chrome-only bug that completely breaks the site whenever an opacity is changed below the color layer.

Yep, that's right– you can look at it on ALL of your devices, old and new! Responsive design, look it up folks!!

For the gradient effect, I’m using a full height & width overlay element set to the screen blending mode (background-blend-mode: screen;). It doesn't work in IE, go figure. They get a nice minimalist black and white site instead.