Every travel post is entitled to at least one plane photo....right?
At the very least, this return flight is deserving of special mention as the worst flight experience of my life. Now, I'm very used to consistently every flight I take being at least a little delayed, whether that be 15 minutes or an hour. But for this flight, at the two hour delay mark, the crew admitted to over-booking the flight and were offering generous flight and hotel packages in exchange for not taking the flight. Whatever, par for course. Being antsy and very excited to return home to a dinner with my current lady friend of the time, I declined. So did everyone else, until they upped the ante to a free round trip flight anywhere in the world with accommodations. Five intelligent souls took that offer, and the flight was immediately delayed a further five hours. Yelp.

Eight hours later, the flight is beginning the descent into JFK when we get rerouted to Detroit. The fuck? Anyways, after a lot of extra confusion and hassle, I arrived at last to 36 hours later and trudged my way directly to work.