Hadn't ever even seen cats this small before, let alone held two in my hands.

Teacup of milk for scale.

Separation anxiety for those first few months (and still kinda, tbh). Meagan tried breaking into the bathroom as I was about to hop in for a shower.

Uncle Jake on the left. To quote his words, which are infinitely better than my words, "...the occupancy of two small, naked, hairy girls who have an affinity for jumping on anything in sight and licking one another’s faces. You may call them kittens, but I call them my nieces, Ashe and Meagh.

All of the cat seconds from my Seconds project.

Thanks to Huge for the internet bag.

My bucket chair has evolved into a cat photoshoot prop.

Awesome mini cat portraits by Jake

This shark bed...number one Amazon purchase in recent memory.


That's all (?) for now folks, check back soon~