With this wonderfully streamlined app, finding the perfect GIF couldn’t be easier. Browse trending picks or search a massive library— then, with a single tap, share your favorite GIF-tastic reaction shots, animal silliness, memes, and more. Giphy’s so fast and simple, it almost makes words feel obsolete.

– App Store Editor's Pick, 2018

The app's homepage went through a few iterations as more content types were added to the site. Currently, it features GIPHY Stories – curated collections of GIFs & stickers with context – with a row of trending content below the most recently trended story.

GIF detail on mobile is one of our most highly ranked pages and for many people, the first (and, for mobile-web, sometimes last) window into the world that is GIPHY. Our design team is always iterating on how to make the page more performant. The earlier version of this page was quite overwhelming, and it was hard to focus on anything in particular. To prioritize browsing, we added a carousel, cleaned up the styles to make it all easier to look at, and consolidated social shares & tags behind icon triggers. As this page is typically either post-search or a direct land via a share, the search bar has also been consolidated.

(From left) 1/2: The carousel experience was given a lot of love. We wanted swiping to be a slick & fun experience to incentivize browsing.
3: Earlier iteration where share isn't entirely consolidated, but is inline with the user attribution.
4: Fun tap & hold eye-candy 🤘
All prototypes made in Principle (these are 4 out of probably 100).

One of the biggest use-cases for our detail pages is a user landing directly from a share in Facebook Messenger (or iMessage). Typically they've seen what they came to see and bounce. To counter this, we created a special reply-based UI if the user enters through a conversational context. Tap any of the emojis to view a curated set of mood-based reaction GIFs.

Our core app creation tool is the successor to the much-loved GIPHY Cam. Our create tool offers a sticker maker, crop tool, captions, sticker decorator, filters, and more.

Live filters project led by Jillian Fisher, live filter icons by Jason Clarke.

Channels are our user pages. Here's mine! They are the home for all content by an individual user.

If all that's not enough, we also translated our new design language into a much-loved iMessage extension (led by myself) & keyboard (led by Zack Kantor).

When I got hired, the biggest problem with the older version of the app was its clunky navigation. There was consistent feedback that users simply didn't know how to use it and would prefer a more typical user experience. So, bye-bye hamburger and hello tab bar nav. As an animated company, I was able to have a lot of fun adding motion and polish to the new iconography.

The current set of tab bar icons– home, explore, camera, favorites, and user channel. The full set of icons plays once on initial load, and then the individual icons play once on tap.

An ever-growing set! You can check out all of our animated assets at chrs.cblls.com/ooouuu/glyphy – a work in progress.

A handful of cherry-picked reviews from the app store! GIPHY has 4.8 stars with 242.5K ratings. The People Love It!*

*Conservatives less so ¯_(ツ)_/¯