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Harriman State Park

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Showing just adventure.

Bay area #3

Trip number three to visit the homies (Ian & Bree) out West! Coming back to the colder East coast afterwards is a little harder each flight. This visit included a drive down to the many dope coast spots of Big Sur, as well as north of San Francisco to hike around Mount Tam. I didn't prepare well and brought a camera that died at the start of day two, but Ian was a good enough friend to let me borrow his for the rest of the trip 🙏. Music credits in this highlights video to the ever-addicting Twin Peaks.

The Rocky Mountains

In July of '16, a few of my close friends from school and I flew into Colorado for a camping trip in the Rocky Mountains at Estes Park for the first run of a yearly adventure. Many miles were hiked and we got to see Boulder, The Lake of Glass, The Pool, Cub Lake, Nymph Lake, Lake Haiyaha, The Loch, and realistically a few other cool spots.

Bay area visit

These are from the second annual visit to my friends out in Mountainview– complete with the trio of my college roommates. We took two mini-adventures to Half Moon Bay & the California Coastal Trail. Overall a super fun weekend escape from a NYC fall.

Park City

Your boy's first ski trip out West! I grew up riding in the ice-covered slopes of New Hampshire and Vermont, accustomed to painful wind and hard falls (really, I broke my wrist both of the first two times that I went snowboarding. And yes, I kept going. Maybe that says something about my personality? to be discussed later). In comparison, Park City & Canyons were both complete heaven...even if it's worth noting that all of the locals were complaining the entire weekend about how the conditions were their worst of the year (shrug). I'm not one to complain about 300 combined trails when there's usually an upper limit of 50.

Harriman State Park

If you need to know anything about me, it's that I enjoy being outside in nature. And camping. These are from the first of a few backwoods camping and hiking done in Harriman State Park– about an hour or so ride on NJ Transit from Penn Station. Being a week before Thanksgiving in the got quite cold. Worth it though, we didn't see a soul and felt like the entirety of the woods was ours alone.

First annual bay area visit

As the title hints, these photos are from my first annual trip out to San Francisco (writing this years later, we're now past #3!) to visit my close friend, Ian. This trip took us down to Santa Cruz for some coastal explorations, and then further for a taste of the redwoods at Big Basin.

New Zealand

As a self-celebration to our recent graduation, Ian (my close friend & three-year college roommate) and I took a trip across the world to explore New Zealand. It was by far the furthest & longest trip that either of us have gone on, and it took us all around the two islands (unfortunately only the tip of the southern island– but we'll be back). Destinations during our trip included Auckland, The Coromandel Peninsula, a four day tramp around Tongariro, New Plymouth, Wellington, Napier, Picton, and Lake Taupo. It spanned climbs up tall mountains, and long falls out of planes. I didn't have any nice camera of sorts for this trip, so everything you see here was taken with my iPhone 5.

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