Meagan when she was smaller than my hand

They were truly the tiniest of nuggets. Found in my roommates coworkers (whose name was also Kat) backyard, they were only 3 weeks old. Teacup for scale.

To date, I think this still might be one of my favorite videos of the two. I remember this happening like it was yesterday.

Ashe 👀


The kittens had a tiny bit of separation anxiety. This is a photo of Meag trying to claw her way into the bathroom.

Seriously though, look how smol.


Teenage wasteland.

Around their one year birthday. Internet Famous tote by HUGE.

Meagan is the more photogenic of the two. Also the derpier.

Lil' cat portraits by my extremely talented roommate at the time, Jake Nicolella.

Also Jake!

Ashe at a year old – neither ever got any bigger than 7 pounds.

More shark.

More often than not, the cats will pose themselves.

One of the funniest clips ever caught of Meag. I was only able to catch it because it had happened 5 times already.

My Ashe shirt


Did you scroll this far & still want more? The girls have a GIPHY Collection and also a long-running Instagram Collection.