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A senior product designer currently stuck
in a seamless loop over at GIPHY. Check out a few of my projects down below, or gloss over an infinite feed of #content. If you'd like to get in touch or make something together, just say hi. Not sold? Read more.

Human of Brooklyn, taker of photos, maker of things. Instagram is my network of choice. I’m an ardent believer in the Seamless Loop and create a lot of GIFs Follow me on Dribbble. I still have a LinkedIn for some reason.

I love touching all stages of a product– from the initial concepts & wireframing, to prototyping, to the polishing of visual design & branding. Consistency is 🔑. There are always easter eggs in mu layer names. I feel a decent amount of remorse for the abuse that I’ve put Principle.app through.

I'm a mechanical keyboard person (shoutout to my TADA68) & am fairly fluent in front-end code (I wrote this site!). You can watch my design/code progress in reverse by adding a bunch of /old's to the url. I've finally learned how to use git, but I still use an alarming amount of !important tags in my css.

I grew up on the coast near Boston, and will always be an 🌊 person. I love the Great Outdoors. I shoot a lot of photos and videos, and am currently in love with my Sony A7III.

There’s these two cats in my life that’ll probably come up in conversation if you ever chat with me irl. I’m an Inbox Zero people, but still manage to keep open a minimum of twenty tabs. The last artist I listened to was Cloud District. You can follow me on Spotify, if you want. Or Last.fm, which is somehow still a thing.

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I’m rambling now, go look at my stuff.