Senior product designer at Giphy. Photo taker. Animation maker. Code tinkerer. Kitten dad. Outdoors enjoyer. Human being in Brooklyn. Holder of a bachelor of design degree from Penn State. This website is a personal playground of things that I'm not working on when at work.

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Bridge moods

03/28/17 – photo

Wild Child

03/27/17 – animation

Animated Ink

03/13/17 – animation featured

Animated albums

03/01/17 – animation

Hello world

02/15/17 – words


01/10/17 – animation

Huge albums of the year

01/01/17 – design code featured

Line play

12/20/16 – animation

The never ending cat post

12/19/16 – photo

Table tennis social club

12/18/16 – design

Bay area #3

11/10/16 – photo featured


11/04/16 – animation code


10/27/16 – animation

Giphy loop dreams

10/02/16 – photo


09/22/16 – design animation

Assorted loops

09/01/16 – animation

Flower of life

08/27/16 – animation


08/26/16 – animation

The Rocky Mountains

07/29/16 – photo


07/03/16 – animation


05/26/16 – photo


04/28/16 – animation

Logo explorations

04/17/16 – animation

Galactic eggs

01/18/16 – animation

New England

01/01/16 – photo

Bay area visit

11/22/15 – photo

One Second * Everyday

06/01/15 – video photo featured code

Dark Igloo

06/01/15 – design photo

Self-E-Wear @ F5

04/26/15 – design photo featured

Park City

03/02/15 – photo


01/27/15 – photo

Harriman State Park

11/18/14 – photo

First annual bay area visit

09/26/14 – photo

Welcome to Brooklyn

07/14/14 – photo

New Zealand

06/06/14 – photo

The Follies

05/02/14 – video code design

Nrml Mag

04/28/14 – design featured photo

Masked Musicians

04/14/14 – design code

Assorted posters

03/23/14 – design photo


03/02/14 – design photo


10/02/13 – design code video



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Self-E-Wear @ F5

Self-E-Wear: the only VR headset with the power to show you how cool you look wearing a VR headset. Equal parts interactive art piece, futurist dance party, and waiting in line at Space Mountain. Designed and built from scratch, the team at Dark Igloo debuted it at F5 Fest at Terminal 5 in '15 to huge smiles and several noise violations. No one quite knew what to make of The Future.

Park City

Your boy's first ski trip out West! I grew up riding in the ice-covered slopes of New Hampshire and Vermont, accustomed to painful wind and hard falls (really, I broke my wrist both of the first two times that I went snowboarding. And yes, I kept going. Maybe that says something about my personality? to be discussed later). In comparison, Park City & Canyons were both complete heaven...even if it's worth noting that all of the locals were complaining the entire weekend about how the conditions were their worst of the year (shrug). I'm not one to complain about 300 combined trails when there's usually an upper limit of 50.


Every year there's at least one large-scale blizzard here, usually more...but there's always that one that gets your team sent home from work ahead of time, in order to make it back to the warm, sanctuary of home. Taking advantage of such generosity, I instead took a multi-mile walk down to the Brooklyn Bridge to see what was up. Couldn't really see all too much, but had a grand, frigid time of it.

Harriman State Park

If you need to know anything about me, it's that I enjoy being outside in nature. And camping. These are from the first of a few backwoods camping and hiking done in Harriman State Park– about an hour or so ride on NJ Transit from Penn Station. Being a week before Thanksgiving in the got quite cold. Worth it though, we didn't see a soul and felt like the entirety of the woods was ours alone.

First annual bay area visit

As the title hints, these photos are from my first annual trip out to San Francisco (writing this years later, we're now past #3!) to visit my close friend, Ian. This trip took us down to Santa Cruz for some coastal explorations, and then further for a taste of the redwoods at Big Basin.

Welcome to Brooklyn

Come July of 2014, I officially packed my bags and left the farmlands of central Pennsylvania to become a resident of Brooklyn and begin work at Verbal+Visual. The first few months were quite hectic and filled with fun, summery, NYC things.

New Zealand

As a self-celebration to our recent graduation, Ian (my close friend & three-year college roommate) and I took a trip across the world to explore New Zealand. It was by far the furthest & longest trip that either of us have gone on, and it took us all around the two islands (unfortunately only the tip of the southern island– but we'll be back). Destinations during our trip included Auckland, The Coromandel Peninsula, a four day tramp around Tongariro, New Plymouth, Wellington, Napier, Picton, and Lake Taupo. It spanned climbs up tall mountains, and long falls out of planes. I didn't have any nice camera of sorts for this trip, so everything you see here was taken with my iPhone 5.

Nrml Mag

Normal sets out in exploration of the paranormal through the lenses of three characters: (1) Enter the life of Guy Kraus, our telepathic shut-out who entered a discovery of Awful that did not immediately take upon itself an unfortunate nature. Or read an exclusive interview with (2) Tommy Scarponi, a completely average college student with the ability to control gravity. End it all with (3), Yourself– reveal your future and inner being through the art of tarot. Senior year final design project, under Lanny Sommese.

Assorted posters

These are a collection of posters I've done over the years and back in school, using a mixture of photography, die-cuts, spray paint, and photoshop...starting off with "World of Dreams", an assignment from junior year of Penn State design. The assignment prompted us to create a poster for a fictional Ann Arbor Film Festival, full-filling a myriad of requirements– one thing upside down, one animal, one color out of place, three things out of place, and more than one model. Apologies go out to my mum's childhood doll, which got a bit soggy; and a sorry/thanks to my twin, Marina, and friend, Caroline for getting equally soggy with said doll.


TEDxPSU is an entirely student-run independently organized TED event. For the 2014 conference, Sarah Maiden, Eric Margusity, and myself were asked to handle the entire scope of the event's design. This involved branding, publicity campaigns, and event-day collateral. Our mark developed out of the realization that an "X" is more than simply an intersection of two lines along their respective paths, but rather a coming-together of two arrows, which reflects upon the intention of the entire TED structure. Human interactions are what allow us to "Go Further" and change the world, achieve our goals, and make our dreams a reality.

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